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Ai-chan's mini dairy
20 December 2012 @ 12:48 am

As I said in the post from September, I will try my best to put out info about myself =)

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Oh! If there is some guys who are reading this and are curious about the type of guys I like, then there is plenty =P
I just put it as a list xD
Type of guys I like =3Collapse )
Since I am now a college student... there will be many hand-in and I already know the date for the exams -.-"
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Ai-chan's mini dairy
13 July 2016 @ 07:01 pm

Sorry for the extreme delay! The reasons are because I'm bisy going everywhere and also...my laptop cable charger doesn't fit the oversea adapter orz So this post is actually being updated from my phone! I will do my best with updating this post from my phone, and also sorry if there are any words and/or grammar mistakes on this m(__)m

Monday 27th June to Sunday 3rf JulyCollapse )

So much event going on for week 26, but do wait for the next post with week 26! Because apparently max uploading pictures capacity on phone is 10 =_= So I have to make a new post for week 27 update >A>

See ya soon!!!
Ai-chan's mini dairy
30 June 2016 @ 08:20 am

Finally some itme to get updating my LJ and also finally introducing my dear friend who I got to know for years through internet! It was really nice to finally meet her face to face!!! Well, here's my activity during the 1st week in LA as well my vacation ;D

Monday 20th to Sunday 26th JuneCollapse )

And that is how I spent last week but also the first week in LA/California :3 I will be busy this weekend because of Anime Expo, so the posting for my activities of this week will be late. Not sure how late it will be, but probably around the same time as of this post. So see ya on the next update ^A^
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Ai-chan's mini dairy
24 June 2016 @ 03:20 am

I’m really sorry for the late update! But I have a really good reason as of why I’m late! As on Monday 20th June, I was actually travelling across the sea over to the USA. So now I’m in LA staying at my friend’s house. And then the jetlag sets in for the next few days until today. Tho I might feel tired but it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. So here is what I did last week before I went off for vacation!

Monday 13th to Sunday 19th JuneCollapse )

Well, that was how I spent my week! Now that I’m on vacation, I will try my best to update my LJ whenever I can. Because it will be more eventful than how it is the weeks I’m either at work or uni >A>

So see you on the next update which might be on this weekend. If not, maybe on Monday…
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Ai-chan's mini dairy
16 June 2016 @ 02:21 am

Well, got a tad bit busy week and also...I totally forgot the existence of my own LJ for a moment orz I'm trying my best!!! Let's head over to what I did last week!!! That will actually explains why I updated my blog so late into the week!

Monday 6th to Sunday 12th JuneCollapse )

Well, that was how I spent my week last week, and this current one is a bit slower but more work before I can take off to LA! So see ya on the next update which will be on Sunday as I will be leaving the country on Monday noon over here :o
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