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20 December 2012 @ 12:48 am
[sticky post] About me =D  

As I said in the post from September, I will try my best to put out info about myself =)

To start out, my name is Nhi Ai (sorry, for private matters I won't put down my last name). Right now I'm an average 18 (soon to be 19) years old, and attending now on university at University of Stavanger. My family is basically a normal family consisting mom, dad and a little brother (where he has been mistaken as my boyfriend, cousin or older brother... because he is taller than me =_=").

As for the past 18 (almost 19) years, many bad (not little, but very!) happenings always happen to me. It is like every 3rd year there must consist a bad happening. And it doesn't happen like after new year or something, but more like after I turned my age to every 3rd year according to the time table of number 3 TT_TT It is not funny! Since the very first happening happened when I just turned 3 years, I was in the hospital. I don't really remember clearly why, but that is my oldest memory of my childhood. So I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, and when I got out was like a few days before Christmas Eve -_-"
Even though small happenings also happened in between those 3 years, but not so big that it left some pain that I can still remember TToTT And as I just turned 18 years old, I caught a high fever, soar throat just before I celebrating my birthday -.- I think I mentioned about it in my post from December or January. But on my day of celebrating I lost my voice, which was like "why at this timing? Why a few hours before starting the party?" After the New Year, just on the first day after Christmas/New Year holiday, I tripped on a microphone which was at the stair. Yes. A microphone... You may think that I'm kidding around, but I'm not kidding or fooling around. I trip on the microphone and fell down the stairs, and of course... I managed to hurt my back =_="

But now on happy stuff xDDD
My world of fandom, which is also the thing that release my stress is listening to music. Especially Japanese musics, like songs from Arashi, KinKi Kids, NEWS, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru and many other artist. But basically I listen most to artists who belong to Johnny's Entertainment =3 . Other than listening to music, I also watch variety shows to make my understanding in Japanese better than before. This is my method of learning Japanese. So far, I manage to understand what they say and I can watch it without sub =D And now I'm in the phase to read kanji =3 But there is still a long way to go xP
Other than watching those, I also read manga =D Most basically shoujo manga, but sometime I do read shounen manga too xP But that is only when I feel like a change for something else. And the same goes to anime. Since I haven't been into with the new updates of anime, so I have no idea what is the newest series that is ongoing now xD

But to sum it up in all... I have always the most negative thoughts. There isn't any reason behind it. But it is just there for some reason, which I don't even know myself... The most worst thought is: "It would maybe be better if I have already left this world a few years ago...". This happened after some incedent (as I can remember), but I don't remember what actually happened..
I like to be alone whenever I go on shopping, doing studies and many more... So basically, I like to stay alone than somebody tag along with me during those time. It is not that I concentrate better or something. It is just that I want to be alone. Unless I ask for someone to tag along or study with me... So when I'm at home, I stay in my room more often than staying in the living room.

Oh! If there is some guys who are reading this and are curious about the type of guys I like, then there is plenty =P
I just put it as a list xD
  • Older than me (min. 2 months older, and max... I won't say it =P )
  • Taller than me
  • Care for everyone (even my friends)
  • Love all kind of animals
  • Will approve my hobby (as in my love for JE)
  • Kind, but sometime meany (someone like Domoto Koichi's (from KinKi Kids) personality)
  • Nice and good-looking =D (IKEMEN!!!)
  • Suits with pair of glasses =3
  • A bit muscular (not too much...)
  • Fits perfectly in suits x3 (but also with tie and bow-tie, or without tie/bow-tie)
This is so far I can mention... since there is still more on my list. And of course... I dont even remember all of them myself xDDD But for sure, it will be updated (the list xP)

Since I am now a college student... there will be many hand-in and I already know the date for the exams -.-"
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