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16 June 2016 @ 02:21 am
Week 23 of year 2016 (・A・)  

Well, got a tad bit busy week and also...I totally forgot the existence of my own LJ for a moment orz I'm trying my best!!! Let's head over to what I did last week!!! That will actually explains why I updated my blog so late into the week!

Monday 6th:

  • Had to work full shift, from 15 to 21:30. Nothing much happened, but was still funny at work =P My boss planned on doing more free food giveaways, so he notified ahead of time to let me now that sometime this week he will call me about it.

Tuesday 7th:

  • Relaxing the day at home with playing games. Later on the day, my boss called me to meet up in front of the store at 12 to go along with one of the chef to Bryne.

Wednesday 8th:

  • Did the same thing as last week when I went to give away food, so I practially worked from 12:30 to 16:30.

  • Before we went to Bryne, the chef managed to somehow forgot about the parking ticket so we were kinda locked inside and had to call up to the office about the situation so they could let us through. We have paid but he just forgot to take back the ticket xP

Thursday 9th:

  • My very last exam of the semester! And...I woke up late. For some reason I didn't hear the alarm and my mom totally forgot I'm having an exam this very day =_=" So I woke up at 8:50 when the exam starts at 9... The exam is a 4hrs writing exam. I just hope I did well on it as I wrote for the most it randomly ._."

Friday 10th:

  • Relaxing the day at home and just doing nothing...sleeping for most of the day...

Saturday 11th:

  • Woke up early to do some last possible shopping for the vacation to LA >w>

Sunday 12th:

  • I was with Ana from 13 until 19:30-ish. We did some photoshooting for locations as we need some of them for our visual novel. After that, we went back to her house to make some deco-bento. Not the best I would say... Tried to make some onigiri with the last rice and ingrediences we had...

Well, that was how I spent my week last week, and this current one is a bit slower but more work before I can take off to LA! So see ya on the next update which will be on Sunday as I will be leaving the country on Monday noon over here :o
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