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24 June 2016 @ 03:20 am
Week 24 of year 2016 @w@  

I’m really sorry for the late update! But I have a really good reason as of why I’m late! As on Monday 20th June, I was actually travelling across the sea over to the USA. So now I’m in LA staying at my friend’s house. And then the jetlag sets in for the next few days until today. Tho I might feel tired but it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. So here is what I did last week before I went off for vacation!

Monday 13th:

  • Nothing to do but relaxing at home. But also some packing for the vacation

Tuesday 14th:

  • The same as the day before >w>

Wednesday 15th:

  • I had to work from 14 to 21. Nothing much happened at work, but it was worth it for the vacation. Because I need money!!!

Thursday 16th:

  • Relaxing the day, and I also got a call from Ana (not sure if I have ever introduced her to the blog but she’s the friend who I got to know from 1st of uni during English Literature times) if I wanted to hang out with her and 2 others to celebrate one of the other friend’s bday. I can’t because I was supposedly to eat dinner just in a few minutes, and also I wanted the day to relax as I have an early shift the next day at work.

Friday 17th:

  • I got to work from 12 to 17, the early shift, and then use the rest of the day to relax because I was a tad bit tired.

  • Or else, I packed my luggage as well.

Saturday 18th:

  • Had to work from 14 to 22. Long day at work, sudden rush hour at the restaurant, friends came over to celebrate birthday (not the one was together with Ana). They asked me if I wanted to go out to town after I finished working, but no…too tired and my knee started to hurt…

  • Also it’s the last day of work before I go for vacation!

Sunday 19th:

  • Relaxing the day, doing some final touches on my luggage, preparing clothes I will be wearing the next day, and putting some cables and documents into my backpack.

Well, that was how I spent my week! Now that I’m on vacation, I will try my best to update my LJ whenever I can. Because it will be more eventful than how it is the weeks I’m either at work or uni >A>

So see you on the next update which might be on this weekend. If not, maybe on Monday…
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