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30 June 2016 @ 08:20 am
Week 25 of year 2016 (・A・)  

Finally some itme to get updating my LJ and also finally introducing my dear friend who I got to know for years through internet! It was really nice to finally meet her face to face!!! Well, here's my activity during the 1st week in LA as well my vacation ;D

Monday 20th:

  • Finally the day I leave Norway to go to LA to visit my friend who I've met on the internet! The very first flight took off at 12, and the trip duration was 2hr and 10 min. Arrival time in London Heathrow was 13:10 (GMT+1).

  • The layover in London was 2hr and 20min and I had to get a new ticket from London Heathrow to Seattle/Tacoma Airport. Because I didn't get any seat or gate on the ticket which I got from Stavanger >A> In the end, the gate for my next flight was C66...the very last gate within terminal 5...

  • The flight got delayed for a bit when taking off, but it was a somewhat nice flight to Seattle/Tacoma. Beside me was a girl about 10-12 years old, and she's just so sweet. I of course offered her some of my snack to her if she wanted them.

  • The meal on the plane was okay, not that really good nor bad. Just something I wouldn't like to get for next time *shrugs* Beside that, I got to watch "Library Wars ~The Last Mission~ and some bit of "Orange", because I have already read the manga and knows how it ends ;^;

  • But what I really liked was how they packed the so-called "breakfast-meal".

  • After arriving in Seattle/Tacoma, another waiting for 2.5hrs and then the 2hr 20min flight to SNA

  • When I arrived at the last airport to meet up with Annabelle, well...let's say it didn't went the way we think it would be as we tried to get in touch with each other but couldn't. Because firstly, she tried to call me on LINE chat but I wasn't connected to the wifi at the airport and I didn't give her my phone number...

  • We arrived to her home close to midnight-ish

Tuesday 21st:

  • The jetlag started to kick in which made me wake up early in the freaking morning...I woke up around 5-6 ish in the morning...

  • Before Anna had to go to work, we went to Starbucks and I got a green tea frappo. It was really delicious! After that, we went to the book store and I got some manga...

  • Through the day I was at Brea Mall the whole day because Annabelle had to work.

  • I did some shopping while I was walking around the mall trying to get to know the layout of the mall, but...I somewhat managed to get lost because the layout is almost the same on each wing orz

  • Because they have a pet store inside the mall with many cute puppies, I decided to give one of the puppy as visit!

  • This little puppy is so darn cute that I wish to take him with me back to Norway ;///; But I know I will be killed if I did get another dog...

Wednesday 22nd:

  • Anna's mom took us to the Japanese Market and I ended up spending lots of money at Kinokuniya...

Thursday 23rd:

  • Went to LIttle Tokyo and decided to wander around the area to see what they had to offer me (being a tourist, thats it...). During brunch, I had this amazing chicken teriyaki combo set

  • After lunch, we both went to Anime Jungle and got more manga, while I also got some figurines (One Piece). At least I have now filled in the missing manga series I have at home!

  • Later when we got home, I got to know Anna's parents better over dinner as we talked about lots of stuff =P

Friday 24th:

  • We were supposedly to go to the beach but can't because...it's the time of the month for me ">A>

  • But in the end, we went to Arboretum to relaz and enjoy the day out in the nature

Saturday 25th:

  • Enjoying the whole day out at SeaWorl San Diego! Got to see lots of animals and well as fishes!

  • I actually did take a video of one of the shows, but I have to combine them together and then post it up on YT... But I will show some of the pictures I took!

  • I have gotten the permission to post a picture of her on my blog!

  • After the trip, we went to this place to eat late dinner. Damn the food was delicious! Tho the serving for frites is big ;_; I can't eat all of it even if it was a sharing for 4 people orz

Sunday 26th:

  • Basically a day at home to relax beside going to Daiso and H market (Korean market). I also discover that this drink should also be sold in Norway!

  • It was sooo delicous that I couldn't stop drinking it orz

  • Later on that day, I also got to talk more with Anna's father ^w^ Got to say Anna's family is a bunch of really nice people ^A^

And that is how I spent last week but also the first week in LA/California :3 I will be busy this weekend because of Anime Expo, so the posting for my activities of this week will be late. Not sure how late it will be, but probably around the same time as of this post. So see ya on the next update ^A^
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